About Us

Nam-healer means God’s Name is the ultimate healer in this world. Namhealer is an extremely humble effort to share the evidence of divine healing powers of Waheguru, Harinam, Allah & God through various real life incidents & Miracles of Almighty Lord’s Name, in order to provide ultimate solution to all the problems here & here after, along with a divine cure, for any incurable disease. All are welcome to watch & share the evidence of so many people before believing or following this ultimate path – The Nam Marg. We are blessed by Almighty Lord to provide all the videos/audios categorically on this site for evidence, solutions, inspiration & motivation. At present most of the videos/audios are in Punjabi & Hindi besides only a few being in English but with His blessings we are trying to provide more in English too in due course of time. God bless all. Rabb Rakha.

mangal-dhillonThis site is conceived, developed & maintained by actor, writer, director, social worker & a humble spiritual seeker Mangal Dhillon