Mangal Dhillon Addressing UK Students in Amritsar Part-1, in April2013 (English)

Mangal Dhillon’s spiritual interaction with a group of youngsters born & brought up in UK. This interaction took place at Nishkam Sevak Jatha Bhawan in Amritsar in April 2013. Mangal Dhillon apologises for not being Sabat Surat & tries to explain how he feels far behind of the Sabat Surat Sikhs because being Sabat Surat is to be in agreement with Almighty Lord. How by getting connected with Bani, the Bana follows & he is dead sure that that what is going happen with him eventually with the blessings of the Guru. He further explain that do not try to understand the almighty Lord, because it way beyond the ability of human being, so just chant Thy Nmae & listen your voice with full concentration & watch what happens as it happened to Dr, Vasu Bardwaj from Surat, who was a non believer, could not understand Punjab but just by listening to Gurbani with full concentration, he got fully cured & he was at the last stage of bone marrow cancer.


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